Great Idea is a distance-learning project in secondary schools in Afghanistan, to increase the quality of and access to education for (girl) students.

The objective of the GREAT IDEA project is to develop a distance and mobile learning model which will ensure better access to and increase quality secondary education in 4 districts in Afghanistan for boys and girls within the framework of the vision of the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan.


Afghanistan province:
Parwan, in specific the 4 districts of Sayed Khel, ChariKar, Bagram and Jabal Saraj.

National curriculum for Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Geometry at the Secondary school level.

Media to be used:
SatelliteTelecasts of core subjects, Radio programs for teachers, Radio community awareness campaign. Mobile apps for students on core subjects, Mobile Quiz (Multiple choice) for teachers and students, Mobile push messages for parents and community leaders, voice support for teachers. A competition element, will further motivate schools and students to engage and learn,
Audience and target group:
Secondary Students and teachers in Parwan province, with an emphasis on girls.

Specific goals of the GREAT IDEA program are:
1. To support the MoE in the provision of quality secondary education to 21 existing secondary and high schools in the districts centres of Sayed Khel, ChariKar, Bagram and Jabal Saraj through distance learning (DVD, radio and the support of mobile communication).
2. To increase the enrollment of girls in the selected secondary schools and to decrease the drop out of students during the course of the secondary education cycle.
3. To raise awareness on the importance of education, especially for girls and strengthen
involvement of parents, pupils, teachers, religious leaders and other community members in the four selected districts of Afghanistan.

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