MLearning research

Context Research:
In order to find out what mobile learning component would be benefit the Great Idea project best Butterfly Works started her work with some research. Part of the research phase of the project was doing context research. In this phase we identified the set of social, historical, political, cultural and ethnical influences of the project. We did not searched for an ultimate outline of the context, we explored the issues and details that surround the project.

In order to learn more about the Afghanistan culture and context in short time, a pressure cooker workshop with four Afghan students studying in the Netherlands was organised.
If you would like more information, you can read the Context Research report.
Download it here: Context Research.

Concept Test
To test whether our initial mobile learning concepts match the Afghan context we did a short concept test during a Pressure Cooker Workshop with four Afghani students and a game designer. The concepts and the reflection of the Afghan students and game designer on the concepts are described in the document.
If you would like more information, you can read the Concept Test report.
Download it here: Concept test.
Technical Research
App Library on Android tablets or phones.
There are a large number of Apps (small applications) and educational games available for Android phones and tablets which are very helpful in explaining concepts of maths, geometry, physics and chemistry.
To test if the phones for the schools can be pre-equipped with a selection of ‘Apps’ which are related to the topics being taught, we did a search for apps that are free and that are easy to use.
In the following document Butterfly Works selected the apps that were found during the research phase and tested during the Co-creation workshop, added a description what the game is about and whether they work on phones and/or Tablet devices. Download it here: Apps.