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There are a number of partner organisations working together on the Great Idea project. These are Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance, Saba Media Organization, Oxfam Novib, Ministry of Education Afghanistan, butterfly Works, Roshan, Oxfam Hong Kong and 21 secondary schools in the Parwan province of Afghanistan.


Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA) is one of the initiators of the project and takes care of the project management and implementation. CHA is a non-profit making, non-sectarian and non- political humanitarian organization that was created in 1987 by a team of educated and experienced Afghan volunteers.The aim are to provide emergency aid for war victims in the field, to assist with the rehabilitation of rural and urban life and to work with communities for sustainable development in Afghanistan.


SABA Media Organization (SMO) is responsible for the production of the telecast lessons. SMO is a cultural, social and not-for-profit media organization that assists in the sustainable development of Afghan society through awareness rising and education of Afghan citizens for creating a society with Peace, Solidarities and Stability.SMO is the main partner for community radio broadcasting and will be a main player in advocacy and lobby for distance secondary education.


Oxfam Novib Netherlands (ON) is also the initiator of Great Idea and also take care of the project management and the funding. ON is a Dutch development organisation committed to a just world without poverty. Oxfam novib is one of the 17 affiliates of the Oxfam confederation, who in turn work together with local partners in 94 countries.


Ministry of Education Afghanistan is involved in the project from the beginning, cooperates through providing access into government secondary schools and with support to upgrading to schools. Coordination and cooperation with the ministry of Education (MoE) will be maintained throughout the project period.The participating schools are being selected in close consultation and coordination with the Ministry of Education (MoE), the secondary education department. An MoU is being signed with the MoE in which the responsibilities of both partners will be highlighted and agreed upon. All MoE’s rules and regulations will be applied in the participating schools.


Butterfly Works took care of the concept design and the (technical) advice of Great Idea. Their studio is based in Amsterdam and works globally with a core team of 15 designers and organisers.  Through their creative and entrepreneurial branding and learning projects in developing countries they aim to decrease global poverty and increase equality. All their projects start with a clearly defined social need and harness local knowledge, creativity and expertise to achieve effective and lasting solutions.


Roshan is the sponsoring organisation of the mobile helpline of Great Idea. It is Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications provider and the market leader with over 5 million active subscribers and a network that covers over 230 cities and towns in all of the country’s 34 provinces. As a benchmark emerging market telecommunications company that focuses on its customers, we are proud to have played a leading role in bringing the benefits of wireless telecommunications to Afghanistan, while contributing to the nation’s reconstruction and economic development.


Oxfam Hong Kong is one of the funders of the concept phase of Great Idea. For more information, see Oxfam Novib or visit the website of Oxfam Hong Kong.