At this moment, the results of the first phase of Great Idea show that the project is very successful. It has led to a decrease in the student drop-out rate, an increase in student test scores and the promotion of teachers to higher grades. Tremendous interest has grown among the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Education Department, community members, teachers and students to continue and expand the project.

As soon as sufficient funding is assigned for upscaling of Great Idea, the project team and its partners are ready for upscaling. This second phase upscales Great Idea in 4 ways. First, the project will be expanded to more regions of Afghanistan: specifically to the provinces of Balkh, Faryab, Herat, Ghor and Farah, targeting a total number of 75 schools. This would benefit 37.000 students and 1.222 teachers. Second, the languages of the broadcasted lessons will not be just in Dari language, but also in Pashto. Third, an additional course will be added to the Great Idea curriculum, English. And fourth, the course contents will be made available for all levels in secondary education, resulting in over 2000 lessons to be broadcasted in all languages and all subjects.

The above video explains the concept to upscale and the expected results of the upscaling.


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